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Intimate services for women in the UK

  Telephone:  07888 738841 (Texts only please)
Welcome to, my name is David and I cover most parts of  England.
I provide a vast range of intimate services for women, my specialty is massage and I have many years experience of giving women a stimulating and sensual experience including orgasms. I am a giving person and do my best to ensure my clients receive the very best attention I can give.
My massages are for intimate stimulation and for women who need something more than a standard massage to make them feel good. I also provide a vast range of other services upon request. I provide a discreet, professional and friendly service.

My Most Popular Massages in 2019


Yoni is a full body massage with particular attention to vagina, inside and out. You will be naked and you will be gradually worked up into orgasm.


Nuru, also, called body to body massage. Massage is in a bed using our bodies, we will both be naked


Anal Massage is a massage of whole body and also concentrating on the anus inside and out, this is a delicate massage and will gently explore you for those who enjoy being touched there, your other erogenous areas will also be explored.


My Intimate massage is a loving massage which includes kissing of you all over, your body will feel loved. I will also touch you in the most important  places and get you to orgasm.


My most popular massage. Starts off as a sensual all over body rub and then develops giving you a taste of the other massages above to try to acheive as many orgasms as possible and  meet your desires.
I massage females only, I do not massage men, I offer a wide range of massages, all of which are sensual and stimulating. The whole idea is to give you a tantric journey of sensual pleasure and feel your whole body being loved
In House (Cambridgeshire), or visiting. Prices available upon request, charged per hour (visiting will involve a travelling fee on top).
I have many years of experience in this kind of massage, I was one of the first to offer this service and so you are in good hands.
For more information on these and other things,
Please text me on 07888 738841 (David)