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Intimate services for women in the UK

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Welcome to massagewomen.co.uk, we cover most parts of  England.

We provide a vast range of intimate services for women, our specialty is massage and we have many years experience of giving women a stimulating and sensual experience they require and to help them live out their fantasy

Our massages are for intimate stimulation and for women who need something more than a standard massage to make them feel good. We also provide a vast range of other services upon request. We provide a discreet, professional and friendly service.

Our Most Popular Massages in 2022:

Yoni Massage

Full body massage with particular attention to vagina, inside and out. You will be naked and you will be gradually worked up into orgasm.

Nuru Massage

Also, called body to body massage. Massage is in a bed and touching will include hands and bodies to stimulate in many places at once, we will both be naked.

Reverse Lingam Massage

This is a massage of the penis and scrotum. This is available to any woman who wishes to perfect their technique on an attractive man. This massage has a slow build up to make the penis as hard as possible over the full length and try to hold off making it cum for as long as possible.Instruction is possible upon request.

Fantasy Service

Let us know what your fantasty is and will do our best to accommodate it and help you to realise your wildest dreams.
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Intimate services for women
Massage my body by male massuer
For any questions and to discuss further, please text  us
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